Lesley is an arts educator specializing in drama and creative writing. Her adaptations of theatre classics have been performed by young actors throughout the Ottawa and Western Quebec area.

Over the past twenty years, she has taught for well-known arts organizations such as: The Ottawa Little Theatre, Arts Under One Roof, Youth Infringement, and Tournesol Dance. Many of her former students are pursuing careers in: opera, music, theatre, film, animation, and writing. 

In addition to teaching, she has worked as an actor, theatre critic, arts editor,  a theatre consultant for The Canadian Children’s Museum and a playwright. Her play Of Grace, was workshopped and subsequently produced by Ottawa’s Year 1 Theatre.

Lesley is available to teach creative writing to students of all ages.


“Lesley Buxton taught me to believe in myself and my ideas, to feel confident on stage and with my scripts and stories. She is by far the most talented, caring, patient, hilarious, amazing teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I learned so much more than just acting and writing in her classes, I learned how to believe in my art and my vision.”
Christopher Shackelton, Toronto Ontario

“Lesley Buxton was one of the most influential educators I’ve had in my life. She not only taught me to refine my creative ideas, she helped me to believe in them.” Lewis Caunter, Toronto Ontario

“I enjoyed your classes because it gave me a space and time to be creative and “on stage”. You were always so creative with the different games and activities we did. I remember always being shy in topics of performing and writing/reading, and your classes gave me the opportunity to explore and push myself in those directions. Even though now as as adult, being challenged at work and at play to step up and talk in front of many people (most of the time I’d rather be doing anything else) I can say that your classes allowed me draw on past experiences to get my nervous voice heard. Thank you Lesley.” Nathan Robb, Ottawa Ontario

“Lesley Buxton: rockstar artistic educator. She doesn’t sculpt students so much as engage them.” Ingrid Weinhold, Ottawa Ontario

“You/Lesley taught me to own my art. You/Lesley taught me to play and be truthful and to listen to other people. I expect I wasn’t great at the listening. I’m better now! I’ve been taking screenwriting at George Brown on and off for a few years now, and sometimes I’m extra grateful someone taught me early to get out of my head. xox.” Stephanie Johnson, Toronto, Ontario

“S. Lesley Buxton is a wonderful creative writing teacher. Lauren started taking classes from Lesley when she was twelve and attended for several years. Lesley is an extremely supportive and inspiring teacher who brings out the best in her students. While studying with Lesley, Lauren wrote plays, short fiction, poetry, and also participated in timed improvisational writing sessions, which stretched her imagination and taught her to write under pressure. Thanks in large part to Lesley’s encouragement and support, Lauren attended Canterbury High School in the Literary Arts program. Since then, she has received her BA from Queen’s in English and Creative Writing, and is currently working on her MA thesis in poetry at Concordia University. In 2012, she won the Diana Brebner prize for Ottawa’s emerging poet.” Janet Darlington, Ottawa Ontario

“Lesley is an innovative teacher who finds multiple ways to intrigue, create understanding and connect with students.” Alwynne Ling, Ottawa Ontario

“You are an amazing educator. I love how you related in such an honest way w/ Z. I wish that you were still popping by for tea with him – so that I could witness the magic.” Brandie Lekovic Hull, Quebec